Digital Vending Machines

We have developed an award winning digital vending machine to reach one of our main targets and reduce undiagnosed HIV!

This world-first touch-screen machine has been distributing free HIV self-tests at the Brighton Sauna for the last 12 months. It is unique in that during the interaction it collects user information (age, town of residence, testing history) which can inform HIV services in the future.  Changes can be made to the screen remotely and they can be tailored for specific campaigns. We can also access live information about sales, and epidemiological data on-line, as it’s collected.

The next generation of machines are now ready for roll out to other venues!


These next generation machines are even more robust and powerful, with three-way payment options allowing contactless, chip and pin or swipe methods of card payment. There is no cash involved. The large digital screen immediately engages users and has been designed to promote HIV self-testing as quick, simple and easy. The presence of the machine actively promotes and normalises HIV testing in any venue.

The digital vending machines ALSO have unique engagement opportunities through social media. Users can tweet their feedback instantly, with comments scrolling across the top of the screen. We’ve found this often gives encouragement to other would-be testers, and creates a real sense of a ‘testing community’.

The Martin Fisher Foundation received funding for this project from Public Health England (PHE) as part of the 2016 HIV Prevention Innovation Fund. The collaborating team: HIV clinicians (Dr Jaime Vera, Dr Gillian Dean, Dr Suneeta Soni) designers (Dr Carlos Peralta and Dr Liliana Rodriguez), researchers (Dr Carrie Llewellyn and Alex Pollard), BioSURE, Aeuguana technology consultancy and The Brighton Sauna staff